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Dear Korkage Friends,

It is with saddened hearts that we share this message. After nearly 5 years, Korkage is planning to close at the end of June and we are grateful for you support.  As happens in life, there have been some changes in our family that will require a lot of our attention; therefore, we have decided not to continue with our business. We no longer have the focus (or resources) to run Korkage at the scale we desire.

We want you to know what a blast we've had and how much we love our delightful customers and our amazing team. We enjoy being a part of this community and plan to continue being a part of it as residents of the community for many years.

We are still working through the details of our final closing date, but in the meantime we are going out with a bang! We are having a GIGANTIC BLOWOUT WINE SALE! It’s a win/win or a win/wine :). We sell our inventory and you get to bring home your favorite bottles of wine at nearly cost! Earl and I will be present for a few more weeks offering our entire wine inventory at 25% off, and serving up wines by the glass, giving us all a chance to say so-long to Korkage 10:30am - 7:30pm. Our full menu will not be available any longer, instead, we will be back to cheese plates (like old times when we were across the street). Tim Sugden's wine artwork in window frames on the walls will also be marked down to $100 each. And, unfortunately, we will no longer offer live music. We are so thankful to the amazing artists who shared their music with all of us.

Every bottle needs to go – so come in for this great opportunity. Your patronage would help us out, and we would really love to see you and say good bye in person. It has been a fun few years – THANKS again for making it so!

Tam, Chef Earl & the Korkage Team


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